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    KY - Isaac Lopez Garcia, 2 mos, beaten to death, Louisville, 24 June 2014

    This was originally posted on Jahi McMath thread, in Current Events - Up to the Minute.
    To avoid highjacking that thread, I'm starting this thread w Isaac's story. Thx again, Quester.

    Quote Originally Posted by Quester View Post
    - It's déjà vu all over again:

    Brain-dead baby focus of mother's court fight
    Quester Thanks for the link.
    Dad is charged w injury to 2 m/o baby boy, who was declared brain-dead in Louisville KY Kosair Children's Hospital.
    Mom's atty argues to ct that Mom is the one entitled to decide about when to cease further care.

    "Lopez at first told police he found the boy on the sofa, shaking with his eyes rolled back in his head, according to the arrest report, and he didn't know what happened to him. But then he told police that he hit the child's head on the wall as they left the home, then said he also banged the child's head against the bathtub while bathing him five days before he arrived at the hospital, the arrest report says.He said the baby began crying incessantly, stopped eating and grew lethargic, police said. Lopez said he attempted to take the boy to doctors, but "abandoned efforts because the facilities asked too many questions or they were too far away" from their home on Minors Lane in southern Jefferson County.
    "He and the child's mother eventually took the child to Kosair."

    ".... In addition to the ventilator and feeding tube, he is injected with adrenaline to keep his heart and his blood vessels functioning. He gets hormone infusions to replace those from dying glands. His thyroid, his electrolytes, nearly all natural bodily functions, must now be produced or regulated by medicine and machines."
    [per baby's doctor's testimony in ct.]

    "But Issac's case is further confused by the criminal aspect: His father, Juan Alejandro Lopez Rosales, is in jail, charged with first-degree criminal abuse. Louisville Metro Police intend to charge him with murder once a death certificate is issued for the baby."
    [Coroner said death cert will show DoD as July 2, a few days after baby was admitted to hosp.]. BBM

    Is Mom's insistence on continued care, a way to delay or prevent further charges against husband-dad?
    Poor little thing, RIP Isaac. Sad, sad, sad story.

    Just saying 'continuing care' for the brain-dead can be spurred by different reasons.

    ETA: Copying & pasting a couple posts from Jahi's thread.

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    • http://www.wdrb.com/story/26085398/j...m-life-support

      This baby was removed from artificial life support today and passed away naturally. Rest in peace in Heaven with the angels. So sad for the mom, but thank God this was not allowed to turn into the Jahi McMath drama.

    Copied and pasted from sallye818 post in Jahi McMath thread, by al66pine.

    Thank you for update, sallye818.

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    From July 22, 2014 link by sallye818.

    "Metro police say 2-month-old Isaac Lopez died Tuesday night at Kosair Children's Hospital. The attorney for the child's mother also confirmed the death. It occurred a few hours after a Jefferson County circuit judge ruled Norton Healthcare could remove the child from life support machines. Norton and attorneys for the child and his mother had argued the dispute in court for about two weeks.The baby's father, Alex Rosales, is now expected to be charged with murder. Police said they awaited further consultation with the commonwealth's attorney's office on their next legal move."

    Sad, sad, sad.

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    They're right though, in that "life support" gives the impression that there is life to support. I don't know whether it's a case of assuring people that brain death = death, or whether they need to be sensitive to the hope implied by "life support" and come up with a better name.

    RIP beautiful Isaac. I'm glad your mum came to terms with the fate that was bestowed upon you (allegedly) by your father. She will need a lot of support.
    To the batmobile!

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    January 2015:

    On Thursday, a Jefferson County Circuit Court grand jury indicted Juan Alejandro Lopez Rosales on one count of murder.

    Rosales is accused in connection with the July 2014 death of Isaac Alejandro Lopez Garcia, his 2-month-old son.

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