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    Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. Buddha

    Tonight (Thurs) 8 PM ET Dr. Cyril Wecht True Crime Radio

    Tonight 8 PM Eastern on iHeart's True Crime Radio we welcome world renowned pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht and his Co-Author Dawna Kaufmann.

    Dr. Wecht and Dawna have written a fascinating book called, "Final Exam".

    "Final Exams" looks at 4 very different cases.

    However with Dr. Wecht as a guest who knows where we will end up. We could talk about the assassination of JFK or about a person who committed suicide using a ball point pen. Or maybe we'll
    talk about the cases in the book. It's anyone's guess.

    We will ask Dr. Wecht more questions about the Cooper Harris case. You can put your questions on this thread or go to our chat room at www.truecrimeradio.com and ask there during the show.

    One thing is for certain. You do not want to miss this show. Go to www.truecrimeradio.com At truecrimeradio.com is a link to the live show on iHeart. It starts at 8 PM Eastern.

    Also at www.truecrimeradio.com you'll find our chat room and a link to the archives in case you miss the show.

    Tonight 8 PM Eastern on iHeart's True Crime Radio 8 PM Eastern Dr. Cyril Wecht and Dawna Kaufmann.


    Tricia Griffith
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    Tricia, will this be archived to listen to later? I can't listen in real time tonight. I wasn't able to hear the last one with Dr. Wecht in real time either, and would like to listen to that one, too, if it's available? Thank you!

    Can you ask him to discuss what specific types of body or organ evidence can be expected to be documented in Cooper's autopsy when it is released, such as intrathoracic petechiae, cerebral edema, etc. What would a typical child hyperthermic car death show internally and externally, at autopsy?

    I don't know if he answered this before, but can he discuss the effects of the elevated temperatures inside the car on the faster onset of rigor mortis (typically within 3 hours, but how much faster in 120-140 degree closed car, full sun conditions?)

    Also, does he think that what the odors were that many smelled were actually decompositional odors, or just dirty diaper/ vomit?

    Will the ME be able to determine with certainty if the back of head abrasions occurred prior to Cooper's heart stopping, or after death when he was placed on the hot pavement?

    And if he is willing, perhaps he would opine as to whether he thinks time of death was probably within the first hour or so, or after 12:00 noon?

    Oh, and can you ask him if he thinks it's possible that RH heard some kind of sound from Cooper's body that RH may have interpreted as "choking"? It doesn't seem to me that there would be gas buildup within the stomach or airway that soon, but maybe?

    Thank you very much! Appreciate Dr. Wecht sharing his knowledge and expertise with us!
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    Your question was asked and discussed tonight.

    It will be archived. A link will be posted later.

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    Archived links for True Crime Radio about the Cooper Harris case

    Found them!

    Tricia's True Crime Radio audio archives about the Cooper Harris case: (about 44 min each)




    *Renowned forensic pathologist Dr. Cyril Wecht on 7/03 and 7/24

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