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    CA - Chris Giauque, 36, Mendocino County, 9 Aug 2003


    On the evening of August 9, 2003, Chris Robert Giauque went to the Spyrock Road area of Mendocino County and met with an associate near the Iron Peak lookout. This area is located north of the town of Laytonville, California...

    Reportedly, the associate gave Chris Giauque a ride into and out of the property. Chris Giauque was reportedly last seen in this area around 9:00 PM. It is possible that Chris Giauque became a robbery-homicide victim.Chris Giauque had made the trip to pick up a substantial amount of cash and it was possible that numerous people knew of the pending business transaction.

    Chris Giauque’s pickup truck was located on August 10, 2003, approximately 50 miles north of Spyrock Road and 3 miles south of Myers Flat on the Avenue of the Giants near Elk Creek Road in Humboldt County. This location is north of Salmon Creek where Chris Giauque resided.

    Having been awarded $200,000 from his presumed murdered son Chris’s estate, Bob Giauque says he can think of no better way to spend it than to post a reward to find out who the killer is.

    Missing since the night of Aug. 9, 2003, when he arranged to meet a partner to receive a money drop-off related to a Mendocino County marijuana-growing venture, it is assumed Chris Giauque was murdered. Although there’s been an investigation of multiple suspects and persons of interest, police haven’t been able to pin the crime on anyone.

    Members of his family have sought information on their own and the newest effort is Bob Giauque’s offer of $150,000 for information leading an arrest and conviction and an additional $50,000 for information leading to the recovery of his son’s remains.

    Charley Project: http://www.charleyproject.org/cases/...que_chris.html

    Chris is described as a white male, 6' to 6'2" tall and 150 pounds, with blue eyes and sandy blonde to brown hair worn in 4' long dreadlocks. He had several heart surgeries as a child and had a steel rod in his spine from a broken back.

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    Saw this missing person looking through charlieproject. His father has a website set up. http://www.chrisreward.org/

    Interesting case. Doesn't sound good though for Chris.
    Cindi Lou

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    Skeletal Human Remains Found by Eel River Canoeist

    On May 15, 2016 at about 1:00 PM the Sheriff’s Office was notified by a person canoeing on the Eel River of possible human remains found on the Shively side of the Eel River near Stafford. Deputies responded to the location and were able to confirm that the remains were of human origin.
    Check the article's comments - someone wondering if maybe these remains could be "Mr Giauque", so I thought I'd post here to watch for ID:


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    I know this is figured to be a robbery/homicide, but I came across Mr. Giauque, while looking for missing people who might match an unidentified with a steel plate in his spine.

    He'd voluntarily be way off track if this were he, but the the basic stats match; as well as the steel plate:

    Doe is Mr. Giauque is:
    age: 30-40 Yrs. ( Pre 50) 36
    Height 70 in., Estimated 6 ft
    Weight 145 Lbs., Estimated 145 lbs
    Date of death 5-23- 2006 Missing 8-9-2003
    Hair: Brown , curly Sandy blonde to brown dreads
    Mustache Full beard
    Eyes: Blue Blue

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    What happened to the old thread?

    There used to be an extensive thread on Chris Giauque. What became of it?

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    A letter to an editor

    An article containing denial of involvement in Chris's disappearance: http://theava.com/archives/14396

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    Chris Gianque was reported missing on Aug. 11, 2003. http://www.chrisreward.org/


    • Missing Since 08/09/2003
    • Missing From Spyrock, California
    • Classification Endangered Missing
    • Date of Birth 02/02/1967 (50)
    • Age 36 years old
    • Height and Weight 6'0 - 6'2, 145 - 150 pounds
    • Clothing/Jewelry Description A hat, orange/red Carhartt pants and two shirts: one was a red, orange, and white Hawaiian print and the other was of unknown color.
    • Medical Conditions Giauque had several heart surgeries as a child.
    • Distinguishing Characteristics Caucasian male. Sandy blond to brown hair, blue eyes. Giauque had four-foot-long dreadlocks and a full beard at the time of his disappearance. Some agencies spell his last name "Giaugue." Giauque has previously suffered a broken back and had a steel rod implanted in his spine, with a resulting surgical scar on his back. He may use the alias name James Anthony Beam.

    Details of Disappearance

    Giauque visited some friends in Spyrock, California during the evening hours of August 9, 2003. He left at approximately 9:00 p.m., driving his blue 1994 Toyota four wheel drive extended cab pickup truck with the California license plate number 5N92992.

    He was on Spy Rock Road, headed for home, approximately a two-hour drive away. Giauque never arrived at his intended destination and has never been heard from again.

    Giauque was reported missing two days later, on August 11. Two days after that, on August 13, his truck was located near the Avenue of the Giants, four miles south of Meyers Flat. This is north of the place where he was supposed to turn off to go home. There were no signs of either Giauque or any foul play around the truck.

    Prior to his disappearance, Giauque was an activist promoting the legalization of marijuana for medical use. He has been arrested and jailed several times and his home has been raided due to his involvement with the drug, and he was on probation for marijuana cultivation at the time of his disappearance.

    He sued law enforcement officials because they confiscated an ounce of marijuana at a traffic stop a few years before his disappearance. A judge eventually ordered the police to return the marijuana to Giauque, but the order was not given until after his disappearance.

    Giauque reportedly sold over 100 pounds of outdoor marijuana for over $100,000 in cash on the night of his disappearance. He had an additional $1 million buried behind his home.

    It is not known whether Giauque's involvement with marijuana has any bearing on his disappearance. His family says he was not involved with any other illegal substances. He is described as a nonviolent, generous person.

    Investigators don't believe Giauque left of his own accord. He has never done so before, and he had married two weeks prior to his disappearance and had planned to honeymoon in Maui, Hawaii.

    Police theorize that Giauque's disappearance is the result of a robbery/homicide. He was known to carry large amounts of cash on him and was allegedly doing so on the night of his disappearance. No evidence has been located to support the robbery theory, though.

    Giauque was declared legally dead in 2010. His case remains unsolved and is being investigated as a homicide.


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