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    Canada - Cindy James, 44, Vancouver, BC, 25 May 1989


    The short of it is, soon after leaving her husband in 1981, James started receiving threatening phone calls. The police started to investigate but over the next several months, the harassment increased. She reported prowlers outside her house at night. Windows were smashed and phone cords cut. According to a friend, James claimed bizarre notes were being left on her doorstep, and had been attacked several times. James tried to hide her identity – changing her last name, moving houses, painting her car, etc. – but the harassment continued, including the violent attacks. But because there were never any witnesses, the police became suspicious that James was lying about the case, or was withholding important information.

    Months before her death, James was found hypothermic in a ditch six miles from her home. She was wearing a man’s work boot and glove and had a nylon stocking tied around her neck. She was cut and bruised, yet could not recall how she’d gotten to the ditch. Again, police were suspicious about her story. Shortly after, a fire was started in her basement – an arson, according to police, that only could only have been started by someone in the house, since there was no evidence of a break-in. James was suspected and she was checked into a psychiatric facility. She checked out 10 weeks later.

    On May 25, 1989, she disappeared. Her car was discovered not far from her house, with groceries and a wrapped gift in the backseat. There was blood in the car. Her body was discovered two weeks later in an abandoned house.

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    At first glance, it seems to me someone wanted to torture this woman for a long time. My money would be on the ex she left (notoriously have their noses out of joint) as opposed to a current bf. Jmo.

    When she was found hypo-thermal in the ditch, drugs were my first thought - then she is found drugged to death. And LE comes up with suicide when she is hog-tied and drugged because there were no witnesses to previous acts? Shameful, and repetitive with Canadian LE - WM.

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    Why did nothing ever come of this case? Surely there is some evidence from the multiple break ins. She was found on multiple occasions hog tied outside, how did the attacker/s restrain her, and continue to do this. Surely she'd have picked up on a pattern of behaviour. And what about her kids? Did they ever see any prowler?

    I'm obsessed with this case. Getting info is pretty hard when you live all the way in Australia

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    Let's see what we can do about furthering this case.

    First and foremost is correct info - as much as can be obtained. In my experience, no trial means little info. LE does not play nice where opposition to their views exist - especially in Canada. Jmo.

    The best comparison that comes to mind is Canadian Russel Williams - former Colonel. One of his victims was found tied to a chair and LE left her that way for hours 'assuming' she had done this to herself. The LEO was of course a male. Never mind that another one of William's victims, a neighbor to this victim, had been found the same way weeks or months earlier - this male officer could not fathom that someone else had tied this victim up.

    So if this is a case where people want to believe LE can't have made any errors, what's the point in pursuing? If people want to explore the facts, then the facts should be explored to every extent possible.

    Imo CJ was a victim.

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