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    Please don't email me, I'm dead

    This Pennsylvania man must have spent a long time working on his obituary, before he died. It's just about the funniest thing I've ever read. Rest in Peace, Kevin J. McGroarty - you've left us all smiling!

    'Kevin J. McGroarty, 53, died Tuesday. His obituary, which has gone viral online after being published in the Wilkes-Barre Times Leader, revealed he had a long battle “with mediocracy”. '


    Some extracts from the obit as it appeared in the WB Times.

    'He was baptized at St. Cecilia Church, Exeter, which later burned to the ground, attended Butler Street Elementary, which was later torn down, and middle school at 6th Street in Wyoming, now an apartment building.'

    'He will be laid to rest at Mount Olivet Cemetery, section 7N. He asks to please make note of his new address. McGroarty's headstone reads: "I'll Be Right Back," one of his favorite sayings.'

    ' McGroarty was a pioneer in Apple computing, purchasing one of the first in the Wyoming Valley in 1985. He would like to remind his friends: "Please, don't email me, I'm dead." '

    'McGroarty leaves behind a thought for all to ponder, given years of gathering wisdom from different religions and deep study of the Greek philosophers: "It costs nothing to be nice" and "Never stick a steak knife in an electrical outlet."


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    Hey Zwiebel -- I tried to PM you yesterday, nothing earthshattering, but I got a message that your PM mailbox is full. If you get a chance could you plllllleeeeeeease empty it out a little (Jodi Arias reference)?
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