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    CA - Los Angeles, Wht/HispFem UP4219, 15-23, butterfly tattoo, Aug'84

    I was looking at this case in NamUs with no photo available, and going through my list of possibles. I was thinking Debra Frost fits the description. However, after realizing (1) that there was a NCMEC reconstruction available (that didn't resemble Debra), and (2) Debra was on the rule-out list, I decided to go ahead and start a thread for this Jane Doe anyway.

    I'm pretty sure that there are no good possibles in the public listings. But maybe one will show up among the daily new listings, and we will all be aware of this case.

    NamUs UP 4219 https://identifyus.org/en/cases/4219

    1984 Los Angeles Nutel Motel Jane Doe.jpg1984 Los Angeles Nutel Motel Jane Doe Tattoo.jpg

    Unidentified White/Hispanic Female

    The victim was discovered on August 21, 1984 in Los Angeles CA.

    Body Condition: Recognizable Face

    Vital Statistics

    Estimated age: Adult - Pre-30
    Approximate Age: 15-23
    Approximate Height: 5'4" (64 inches).
    Approximate Weight: 105 pounds.
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Brown
    Tattoos: Tattoo of a butterfly on her lower abodmen, right inguinal area.
    Clothing & Accessories

    Clothing On Body: blue pin striped pants (“Je Taime” brand); dark top; panties; belt,
    Footwear: Shoes (“Fayva” brand)
    Jewelry: white and blue neckalce; pair of earrings found on table in room

    Fingerprints: Available and Entered
    Dentals: Available and Entered
    DNA: Not Available

    Case History
    On August 21, 1984 the body of an unidentified female was found at in a motel room at the Nutel Motel located at 1906 W. 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA. It is estimated she had been deceased for several hours prior to discovery. The decedent is believed to be White, possibly Hispanic, with brown eyes. Her hair was light brown with darker roots and was approximately 6 inches in length. She had a butterfly tattoo on her right lower abdomen (shown above) and a round scar on the middle of her left thigh. She was found wearing blue pin-striped pants (“Je Taime” brand), a dark top, shoes (“Fayva” brand), and a white and blue necklace. A pair of earrings was found nearby. The reconstruction featured above is an artist’s rendering of what the Jane Doe may have looked like. The photo of the tattoo has been enhanced to aid in visual identification and may not reflect the original case file images. Anyone with information should contact the Los Angeles County Coroner, reference case number 84-10453..

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    The reconstruction looks so young. I was possibly thinking Diana Ladene Munyon.

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    Who was Walker County Jane Doe?

    John Doe - February 9, 1968 - Facebook Page, Websleuths Thread
    John Doe - October 31, 1967 - Facebook Page, Websleuths Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by JayFletcher6493 View Post
    The reconstruction looks so young. I was possibly thinking Diana Ladene Munyon.

    I sent an e-mail submitting these two young women. We shall see.

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