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    Tortoise outruns wildfifire - with a little help

    Abe has become the fastest tortoise on two legs after fleeing from a wildfire (though it was a firefighter's legs doing all the fast stuff, not Abe's. )

    Owners of 20 year-old, 200lb tortoise Abe had to leave him behind when they fled the wildfire in Amador County, CA.

    Then firefighters came along and rescued him, because that's what firefighters do. And don't we just love them for it?

    *The expression on Abe's tortoise face is so cute, but I can't describe it!

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    I love news stories like this one, I love poor Abe.
    Abe would have been able to smell the fire, he would have known there was a fire, all animals know fire.
    He is probably still wondering how he managed to survive the fire. I really don't know if tortoises understand firefighters.
    Yes! that is what firefighters do they save everyone, even tortoises. Lucky Abe........

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    Abe is a cutie for sure.
    ~ shine on you crAzy diamond ~ Pink Floyd, Wish You Were Here

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