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    MI - Clyde 'Lee' Jourdan, 17, Belding, 1979

    Much more info in the video at this link:


    A Michigan mother will soon be reunited with her lost son within the next month after 35 years of mystery... The reunion isn’t what she originally envisioned — she hoped she would find her son alive. However, now that she knows where her son is, she just wants him home.

    In August, Clearfield city plans to exhume the remains of a man buried as Lee Michael Beeler, but that’s not his real name.

    Jourdan, known as Lee, ran away from his home in Belding to Utah in 1979. For decades his mother Mary Hagadus searched for him, even hiring a private investigator... Lee was the oldest of her five children and prone to running away. When he took off in 1979 at age 17, a man named Robert Beeler took him in.

    It wasn’t until last year, through social media, that Hagadus learned Lee’s tragic fate. “He was 19 when he died,” she said. “It was the biggest blow; I always prayed that I would find him alive and that he had a happy life”...

    Hagadus believes Beeler is responsible for Lee’s death in 1982. Beeler died in 2012 after being convicted of child molestation, only then did his own children feel safe enough to bring forward the truth. “He got into (Beeler’s) face and they went outside and they were still arguing about it and I guess Robert came into the house and said, well, Lee’s dead,” Hagadus said.

    Lee was buried in Clearfield, Utah under Beeler’s last name which had been changed with a forged Social Security number. That’s the reason Hagadus couldn’t find him and never knew he died.

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    Such a sad story, but now she knows.
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    So sad. Teenagers really think that they are ready for the big world, but they are not. They are innocent and naive. This boy likely thought that he had found a safe place to sleep at night with some food on the table. I do wonder why he kept running away though - I have to consider that there might be more information that was withheld since the boy has long ago passed away and cannot say why he left.
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    A mother's quest to find her teenage son is over, and he will finally be laid to rest in Michigan...

    "Right now, it still doesn't feel finished to me," says Mary, who is currently battling breast cancer. Mary says she doesn't know how much time she has left, but she's glad she will get to say goodbye to her son...

    On Saturday, August 30th, there will be a memorial for Lee Jourdan at Riverside Park in Belding. Mary says that's where Lee used to enjoy fishing when he was a child. The service will start at 2 p.m.

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    So sad..

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