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    The Sun criticised for "Devil Mark" boy front page story.

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    Kinda in a hurry.... didn't read everything, but I thought Satanic Panic went out in the 90s?

    Based on the photo in the last twitter link, doesn't that make this case look more like the kid was abused or had an accident with a hair dryer with that patterning.

    And I guess ya learn something new every day. I had no idea that was a Devil Mark. Looks like a symbol the Zodiac killer used, or maybe a bullseye target, but Satan? oh boy....

    Hope this little guy turns out to be okay.

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    IMO The Sun "newspaper" is little more than a comic. Even so, this is a new low for them
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    The Sun criticised for "Devil Mark" boy front page story.

    I had a friend who wrote stories for the U.S. tabloid "The Sun". He used to use our names (in my social group) for the stories he made up. I have a copy in my dining room right now with a story from the 90s he wrote using my name and two of my friends as fictional characters (I think I was a kid who saved her little brother from an accidental drug overdose or something). Seemed like a fun job if you could get it. (Sadly, this was the same office that got hit by anthrax after 9/11; my friend's coworker died.)
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