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    Canada - Sex Offender re-arrested in Hamilton, ON

    "Keith Constantin was arrested by police in Hamilton on Aug. 1, 2014. HAMILTON"


    "He was convicted of rape in 2009, but also has previous convictions in the separate sexual assaults of a young boy and a blind woman".

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    "Police notified Hamilton residents last week that Constantin, who has served prison time for sexual assault with a weapon, assault with a weapon and possession of explosives, as well as several other offences, had been released from prison and was moving into the area around Gage Park.

    Another public safety alert was sent out Monday warning residents that Constantin was instead going to live in the Fruitland Road area of Stoney Creek".

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    "Convicted rapist Keith Constantin says he will rape again and he wants to kill someone.

    Despite that horrifying admission — and the Parole Board of Canada’s own prediction that he is likely to kill or seriously harm someone — Constantin is out of prison and living in Hamilton.

    Why? Because he has served every last bit of his sentence and cannot be kept behind bars any longer. He reached his warrant expiry date on July 23."

    "Clinton questioned if the aggressive warning from Hamilton Police was the best approach.

    "Maybe there's a better way," Clinton asked. "How is that safe? My goodness, back anybody into a corner and they become more unpredictable."

    In May, sex registry data revealed the L8E postal code, which includes Fruitland Road, had 28 registered sex offenders in 2008. By April 2014, that had dropped to 21. Johnson said this one is different.

    "The police have not issues a warning about (the other 21 registered sex offenders)… They did with this gentleman."
    A question of safety or liability?

    Asked where he should go, Johnson couldn't give an answer.

    "I get that.. But when it comes to the safety of the community… we want the community to be aware," Johnson said.

    "I would hate to have something happen and then the community goes 'why weren't we told'. … all the community knows now, or they're going to know."

    Clinton questioned whether this kind of response was more about what's in your backyard, or who takes the blame if something were to happen.

    "If it's not a NIMBY argument, is it a liability argument?" Clinton asked."

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