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    Mars hills church in news again


    remb all the rumors in the Nicholas Francisco case?
    Dont Be A Sheep

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    Small churches have problems too, but the mega-churches do it up big-time! And $o often it'$ about $$$$$... I wouldn't want Driscoll as a minister or spiritual example.

    "...new documents have been unearthed from 2000, when the church opened up a we'll-take-all-questions message board and Driscoll published some vicious rants under the macho pseudonym William Wallace II who writes about living in a "pussified nation"

    Highlighted text:

    Driscoll admitted to being William Wallace II , but ex-church insiders say Mars Hill tried to scrub the actual comments from their website and even called members who they suspected kept physical copies and told them to destroy them.

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    Interesting how the Christian woman brought back to the US is right next to this one.

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    At least, up to now, you can think, say, believe whatever you choose until you put your hands on another person or violate their rights.
    "If you are lucky enough to find a way of life you love, you have to find the courage to live it."
    - John Irving in A Prayer for Owen Meany

    Unless I provide a link or refer to a specific link, all my ramblings are theories, speculation, scenarios based on what info is available and my own unique life experiences.

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