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    SD - Fake investigator grilled pilot of crashed plane

    'There is more trauma for the pilot of a small plane that crashed last week near Montgomery Field, killing her passenger.
    Two sources confirmed to NBC 7 that an unidentified visitor, posing as a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) investigator, questioned the pilot in her hospital bed at Sharp Memorial Hospital.'

    The crash was already bad enough for pilot Devon Logan - her small plane lost height and came down in the parking lot of a busy San Diego shopping center and her 78 year old mother, Joy Gorian, was killed.

    But now it's been revealed that the Federal Aviation Administrator (FAA) man who sat beside her bed and questioned Devon at the hospital the day after, was a complete fake. Devon didn't find out until a real FAA person turned up.

    It seems an unbelievably creepy thing to do. I hope someone's investigating.

    We 'embraced' the missing Bob Harrod case as requested but 6 years on, are still waiting for further guidance

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    The imposter FAA investigator - that's disturbing.

    Or is it possible she misunderstood or misremembered his identity, maybe someone from her plane insurer's co?

    RIP pilot's mother.

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    The Sharp Memorial Hospital would have to have security cameras, all hospitals do these days. She could identify him on their security film, and they could take it from there.
    If he was a fraud, I hope there are very severe charges and penalties. What a traumatic thing to do to an already traumatised person. If he was a fraud he has a very sick mind.

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