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    CA - Hollywood, WhtMale Skeletal UP4344, 22-32, off 101 Freeway, Apr'81

    Unidentified White Male

    Los Angeles County Coroner Case # 814729
    NamUs UP # 4344

    Recently, I came across a Los Angeles Times article which included a photo of a reconstruction of NamUs UP # 4344 and I realized that, while he was mentioned in Randy Kraft thread, this unidentified man does not have a thread of his own.

    Found on April 10, 1981

    Estimated age 22 – 32 years old (NamUs), early 20s (LA Times)

    Estimated height 67” (NamUs), 5’7” (LA Times)

    Medium-heavy build (LA Times)

    Dark Brown Hair 2” to 3” long (LA Times)

    Circumstances via NamUS – skeletal remains were found in a brush area alongside the roadway near 1900 N. Ivar St. in Hollywood, CA (possibly 1900 Ivar Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90068)

    Circumstances via the Los Angeles Times – the skeleton of a homicide victim was found in a small field of brush adjacent to the Hollywood Freeway

    While I believe this young man was a victim of Randy Kraft or possibly William Bonin (his year of death is estimated as being 1980 or 1981), it is possible that someone else is responsible. He was found a little over 5 miles north on the 101 Freeway from where Randy Kraft’s victims Robert Avila and Raymond Davis were found the following year on July 29, 1982. http://binged.it/YY3aBr

    I don’t believe he is in the Doe Network.

    This is the article that appeared on April 29, 1981 in the Los Angeles Times.

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    I tried to adjust the photo of the reconstruction to make it easier to see how this young man looked when he was alive --

    Maybe it is just that both photos have less than ideal lighting, but something about him reminded me of Douglas Rubin --

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