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    OH - Kathy Wiltrout Bevington, 27, Springfield Township, 4 October 1972


    Wearing a white and red striped dress, Kathy went to work on Oct. 4, 1972 at the Massillon Road Pharmacy in Springfield Township. Her husband, Jay Bevington, reported her missing that evening. He had returned from work to find his two children, ages eight and nine, at their Franklin Township home, but not Kathy.

    Kathy's brother, James Wiltrout, said the disappearance was baffling, as she appeared to vanish from the store, leaving behind her purse, keys and car...

    A pharmacist, Al Smith, reported seeing Kathy in the store around 11:30 a.m. Around that time, he also noticed Kathy talking to a man who had sandy-colored hair and appeared to be in his 20s. After Smith waited on a customer, he realized Kathy was no longer in the pharmacy.

    The 27-year-old mother of two wasn’t found until weeks later, on Nov. 15, when a hunter found her body in a wooded area just off Kreighbaum and Raber roads NW, just west of the Stark County line. The Facebook page said she was stabbed at least nine times in the back and head.

    Wiltrout said Bevington still was wearing her wedding ring, a Linde Star sapphire ring, and a watch her grandmother had purchased in Switzerland, a watch that Wiltrout estimated was worth more than $3,000.
    FB page: https://www.facebook.com/kathywiltroutbevington

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    Well, we know it wasn't robbery because the article says she was still wearing her jewelry. I wonder how this man got her to leave the store with him, leaving her purse behind? Maybe he pulled a knife or gun on her?

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    Maybe she knew her killer so went with him/her willingly. That person (Having some crisis?) could have asked her to take a quick break and she got in the car to talk to the person. Besides the pharmacist, were there any other employees working with her? If so, did they see anything? Maybe she told a co-worker she would be right back and ask them to cover for her. Strange to me that she would just walk out of the pharmacy without telling anybody she was leaving. MOO

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    Such a beautiful woman. Sounds like this guy was a lover, and she tried to break it off. That would be my speculation. Or, someone she knew who had some obsession with her. Women that good looking tend to become the objects of obsessed and unrequited suitors. If I had to speculate further, I'd say you won't have to look too far beyond her/her husband's close circle of friends to find the Perp.
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