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    How to.....Pictures

    How would I get a picture from Adobe PhotoDeluxe to here? I'm so dumb when it comes to things like that. I finally learned how to copy and paste!!
    It only took me about 5 years

    If anyone could tell me how to do this I would really appreciate it. I think I have to use a number or something...where would I find the number. I put names on my pictures along with the jpg. Thanks

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    First you have to have a place to upload them to...I use Photobucket

    it's pretty easy, once you set up an account there (it's free!) there is a place for you to upload your pics from yoru computer to your album there. Click on the "browse" button, find the pic in your computer files, then click "submit" and it does the rest for you. It even gives you the URL right there to copy and paste to here!

    Once you copy the URL you make your post here and add the pic by clicking on the little button above the box where you put your text that looks like this

    Paste the URL of your pic location into the box that comes up and click OK..and voila!! You have posted a pic!
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