Whew! Looks like Bruce Davis, one of Manson's many worshipers in prison for murder, won't be getting out like the parole board wanted him to.

Davis was doing life for taking part in the murders of both Shorty Shea and Gary Hinman, but was granted parole this past March. Luckily California's Governor Jerry Brown was alarmed by the Parole Board's recommendation and said: "Homie don't play that crap!"

He made his decision at the perfect time: The 45th Anniversary of the Sharon Tate murders that made Manson a household nickname for psycho killer.

Brown became governor in 1975, less than 5 years after the Manson convictions, so I'm sure the case hits pretty close to home.

Even tho' good ol' Bruce might have become a polite little school boy since the murders, it looks like he won't be walking the streets among us again any time soon- if EVER.

Here's the CNN article & short video clip: