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    Ray A. Woods Attempted Murder, Rape, Kidnapping, up for parole Nov. 2014

    This is one scary guy.

    From the incredible site www.blockparole.com, "On July 1, 1975 Ray Woods' 17-year-old sister-in-law was driving to work in Woods' car. Woods flagged her down to get a ride.Woods told her he needed a ride to a North Side apartment complex to look for a job." http://www.blockparole.com/Story_Woods.html

    He then made his sister-in-law drive to a wooded area where he raped her, stabbed her and left her for dead.

    After he was convicted of these crimes Woods was paroled SIX DIFFERENT TIMES and each time a major crime brought him back to prison to continue serving his sentence of 50 years.

    Woods need to serve his full 50 years. He has been given enough chances.

    For Wood's full story go to

    When you are done reading and after you pick your jaw up off the ground please write the Ohio Parole Board and tell them to keep this monster behind bars.

    Ohio Parole Board
    770 West Broad Street
    Columbus, Ohio 43222

    Ray A. Woods
    Inmate Number

    Or you can use the Ohio Parole Board's webpage to email your objections

    Either way let's flood this parole board with polite but firm reasons why Ray A. Woods should NEVER be allowed out until his 50 years are up.

    Thanks to member Opie for posting the link to BlockParole.com


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    Good news. Just checked the link and his parole has been denied.

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