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    Marmot love in Montana

    Greenpeace set up a time-lapse camera in Glacier National Park, Montana, to catch the view over days. Instead, the camera got a licking from a loved-up Marmot. Who also managed to knock it over. I think the video's so funny - he bounces up the hill in such a determined way, you just know he's got something in mind!

    Most of the media reports seem to think Greenpeace must have put some food there, to attract it....I just think, why would they do that, then pretend it's an accident?

    Here's a media report:

    And here's Greenpeace's original posting of the video on their FB page.

    Photo link. http://metro.co.uk/2014/08/11/cute-a...video-4828174/
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    He looks like such a nice lonely fellow, I hope he finds a mate....LOL

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    I admit, I didn't know what a marmot is and had to look it up. I think I want one for a pet. Such a sweet looking little guy!!

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