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    Africa's last polar bear has died

    'Africa's last polar bear has died, the Johannesburg Zoo said on Wednesday.
    Wang the bear had to be put down by chief veterinarian Dr Brett Gardener due to liver and heart failure'

    Wang had reached his full lifespan and his female partner had died earlier this year. Jo'burg authorities decided four years ago not to replace any polar bears in its zoo, making Wang the very last polar bear on the continent.


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    Aww, R.I.P Wang

    Love Kills

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    Polar Bears thrive in sub-zero climate, the colder the better for a Polar Bear, any temperature above +10 degrees is unbearable for a Polar Bear.
    Zoos spend a fortune keeping their Polar Bear enclosure at zero degrees, so I can understand Johannesburg Zoo making this decision. Africa has got all the other wildlife all the other Zoos are always trying get.

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