There's no escape from Alcatraz for one law-abiding man, but he's staying cool about it. He appreciates the beauty of the gardens there too.

A misprint in Alcatraz tourist brochures five years ago, meant Thomas Renault's number was published by mistake. Ever since then, he's had calls day and night, though the mistake was rectified long ago. At one stage, two out of three calls to his business were about the coveted prison tours.

He's always very patient, and did get a little side benefit when a group of Canadian associates wanted to do the Alcatraz tour. Renault called and began: 'I'm the wrong number guy..'. He got his tickets.

From the links in the article, M. Renault's obviously French connected ( )and with a creative, constructive outlook. Alcatraz got lucky there - that kind of problem would have me pulling my phone line out!