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    Liam keeps saving lives, despite the criticism

    Brit Liam Clark is an all-purpose hero.

    He's just spotted a shirtless man with slash marks on his arms, trying to jump off a bridge in Washington, Tyne and Wear, UK, and grabbed him, pulling him to safety.

    'The civil engineer, from Ashington, said: I just thought I will never be able to live with myself if he jumps and dies, it would be on my conscience forever. I knew I just had to stop him. It is only just starting to sink in now that I have saved a life. '

    There's more though:

    'In 2011 the Chronicle told how he helped crew onboard a plane he was on overpower a man who tried to open the aircraft door at 36,000 feet.'

    Poor Liam got criticized by other passengers for that - asking why he'd punched the man in the head. Not quite realizing, perhaps, that opening the aircraft door might have spelt instant death for many of them.

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    Liam is a man who is able to act when the situation needs action, many people cannot do that, they can see the situation as clearly as Liam but are unable to do anything - probably from fear. Liam can keep a calm mind and do what-ever needs doing.
    Good on him, he is a real life hero.. .
    Opening the aircraft door at 36,000 feet would have meant explosive decompression and death for many passengers and an emergency situation for the flight crew. Liam was able to act without hesitation, despite knowing many would not understand. The passenger who was trying to open the door was probably claustrophobic and trying to avoid a panic attack and had lost the ability to think and understand.
    What Liam did - punching the man was probably the only thing anyone could do, talking to him would have been useless as the panic attack was probably already starting (he was losing control).
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    He's a hero.....and truthfully I hope he continues to listen to his heart instead of the craziness of the crowd...JMHO
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