Crime Watch Daily: Christy Mack speaks out on brutal 'War Machine' attack, trial

Ever since the trial, Christine Mackinday has had trouble talking about that night. She's relived those horrors one too many times.

"I've been stuck in my house, afraid," Christy tells Crime Watch Daily. "I've been stuck in a courtroom telling the same story. I've been stuck mentally in the same place."

Stuck and scared because of a series of events set in motion the day she met a man named Jonathan Koppenhaver -- or as he's known to millions of fight fanatics around the globe, "War Machine."

"He was very jealous and possessive. He would begin yelling at me and verbally degrading me," said Christy.

And then, much worse than words: She later told a judge that she had been punched, kicked, smothered and bitten.
"I spend a lot of time going online and talking to other victims. For me I really love having the voice and the reach to people that have similar experiences to me," Christy tells Crime Watch Daily. "Knowing there's people out there that know exactly how you feel is very helpful for me, and I hope that it's helpful for the others as well."

At the same time, her own battle still isn't over. While her abuser is behind bars, he still has millions of fans, and Christy says that until they see him for who he really is and what he's really done, she will never feel completely safe.

"I receive death threats every single day," said Christy. "Every day: 'You got what you deserved.' Every day, 'He should've finished the job.' Every day, 'I hope somebody else comes and rapes you.' Every day. These are real people that see no problem with what he did to me. So it's a very serious thing to me."