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    Quote Originally Posted by burblestein View Post
    According to https://www.websleuths.com/forums/sho...-LE-to-Remains,
    Heinrich led LE to Jacob Wetterling's remains. Here's hoping they will wring Heinrich out about the other cases in this thread.
    I kind of want to email Des Moines PD to ask if they have talked to Heinrich

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    The missing kids milk carton campaign started in Iowa


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    Quote Originally Posted by Nikkibanks12 View Post
    I respect all that was stated above, however no article that I've come across after much much reading has stated that different men were seen with these boys. Also the height and weight of Heinrich was irrelevant considering he could have used a gun which was stated in several articles that I read. If you are a teenage boy at any height and or weight a gun is going to convince you to want to stay alive.. Also I looked up the distance as to where he was living and the where the Des Moines boys disappeared.. It was not a 1/2 a days drive but more like 1/4 a days drive.. Like I stated previously it would be interesting to see if he was in that area during that time for any reason especially military related.

    The he age of 18 for Heinrich is fine considering he may not have acted on these instincts prior to having "adult" freedoms. It's just a thought but there are far to many similarities considering they found photos and video footage of young boys particularly paper boys.

    As well it was stated that Heinrich was watched by a police officer at one point driving around following paper boys...

    It it may seem a long stretch... But when there is no other suspect... and this suspect matches up "coincidentally" on many levels I find that odd.

    Had Heinrich been caught and performed his acts in California as oppose to paynseville I wouldn't be writing on this forum, however he performed his acts and was caught in the bordering state of Iowa.. Coincidence?

    He had an infatuation with not only young boys but following paper boys, coincidence?

    his step dad accused him of being a suspect in the Wetterling case.. Coincidence?

    Only 4 boys went missing in this age range and fashion during this exact time period, coincidence?

    The car Heinrich drove during the time Wetterling went missing matches the description and color of the car seen in Des Moines , coincidence?

    im sure I could go on...

    Maybe be it is all just coincidence... But it's an awful lot of them.
    Older undated article and video that mentions possible connection to the Jacob Wetterling case and Daniel Heinrich.


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    Tyler Holmes is linked to Eugene Martin they are related through tylers maternal grandfather Gary b Holmes who was a cousin of Eugene. Tyler Holmes is no linger missing he returned home after he turned 18. he ran away with a woman who got off on a technicality in court for sexual assualt on a minor (tyler) she drugged him convinces him his family didnt love him and he ran off with her. He reunited with his older sister through facebook.

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    mrs. gosch went odf the deep end and mr. gosch sr. couldnt take it anymore

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