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    NY - Johnny Overstreet, 26, New York City, 2005

    What do you all think of this story?

    The grocer (Johnny Overstreet) calls home at 11PM and says he's taking the subway home. He never makes it. The next day, the store door is unlocked, the safe is open, and $20K is missing from the safe and the ATM machine. There are drops of what look like blood. Cops say the man has a record that includes burglary. His wife of 8 months says if he needed money, it was there for him--they have more than that in the bank. Then the alarm company says they called and called when the alarm wasn't set by the usual time of 11:30. The grocer finally answered at 3:30AM, and said he was fixing a broken A/C. Cops hint at a secret life, and something that caused him to need a lot of money quickly.

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    That is a weird story! I feel bad for his family. They will have to continue to fight for his reputation and he may very well be somwhere else living it up. It is quite a mystery. The article did not mention anything about surv. video. Surely the store had some.

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    Weird story. Any new news?

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    Typical NYPost--never heard anything about it again!

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    I cannot locate any other information about this missing person.

    Anyone else want to try?
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    All I found was this http://www.nyc.com/people/domo-kun/b...ocery_mystery/ which may be exactly what the previous article stated. Not sure if there was any sort of update as the link to the original page is no longer working. Very strange!
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