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    MA - Passing lady jogger saves 2 babies in stroller and mom from water

    A Brookline, MA jogger - who by some small miracle also happens to be a lifeguard - saved two babies in a stroller who rolled into a reservoir in front of her, and one of the moms too. The mom couldn't swim.

    ' “I'll credit adrenaline I guess at this point,” she said. The young woman, Rebecca, did not want to share her last name and is credited for what police call a heroic act.'

    ' “Unbelievable, unbelievable!” said Brookline Sgt. Robert Disario.'

    The accident happened in Reservoir park, Monday. Rebecca's actually from NY, but was visiting her parents, so it's like a triple stroke of luck she was there at the time. The babies, aged 18 months and four years, are expected to be okay.


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    Nice story! The policeman was right on with his comments about divine plan. Those children are very fortunate that the young lady was there to save them.

    Interesting however is the absence of thanks on part of the mothers. (MOO)
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    Another story said that one mother jumped in but couldn't swim and almost dragged them all down - the women were probably too shaken up to comment. The jogger talks about the incident but never talks about communications between them or yelling any words as far as I've read - I've thought that maybe the mothers do not speak English, but it could have just been the panic of the situation.

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