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    Love at first flight

    The young Irish man and young Canadian woman sat together on a flight from Barcelona, Spain, to Dublin, Ireland. They really hit it off.

    But a combination of Irish politeness and Canadian pride nearly put an end to the budding relationship. Jamie Kelly, 24, thought it wasn't polite to leave his new companion to visit the bathroom when they were in flight, so hurried off when they landed. Katie Moreau, 27, thought she must have talked too much and didn't want to appear 'desperate', so she didn't wait for him.

    They'd lost each other before they ever really got started.

    At which point Jamie's friends launched a #loveatfirstflight campaign on twitter, which made the news in China, the US, the UK, Portugal...and Canada. Katie's sister saw it, and realized it was probably Katie they were searching for. The pair were finally reunited in Waterford, Ireland and went on their first, proper date.

    'The two were reunited by a national radio show in Ireland, which sent them on a date, including surf lessons, a fancy meal and limo service.

    Moreau says she wasn't about to turn that down.'

    She says their first words after reuniting were, “Hi, how are you?” '

    Katie's now back home in Canada and not letting her heart rule her head, though she and Jamie chat online every day:

    ' “Everybody thinks we're in love but no one can know if they're in love in two days. So we'll see. I think people just love a romantic story. I know I do,” she said.'


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    Quote Originally Posted by newone View Post

    and wise enough to know these things take more than 2 days! Commendable!

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