A 98-year old NJ woman is fighting to clear her name over McCarthy era charges connected to the Rosenberg prosecutions, which led to their executions in 1953. A hearing began Monday in Federal court, to decide how to proceed with her case.

During the 'Red Scare' Miriam Moskowitz was found guilty of conspiracy to lie to a Grand Jury, and in 1950 was sentenced to two years in prison. She served part of it with Ethel Rosenberg, before the woman was sent to the electric chair.

'Now, over 60 years later, Moskowitz says she has evidence of her own innocence. Documents released in 2008 show that Harry Gold, the government witness against her, told the FBI repeatedly that Moskowitz was unaware of the plans of others to lie to the grand jury, but that he changed his tune once he was threatened with the death penalty, according to Moskowitz’s lawyer.'

Miriam insists: "I just want to end my life with a clear name."