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    MO - Steven DeMaranville for raping, impregnating teen relative, Springfield, 2014


    Prosecutors have charged a Springfield man with incest after an infant was found to have a type of cancer that is caused when the parents have similar genetics.

    According to a probable cause statement, Steven DeMaranville, 36, impregnated a relative, and because that woman was younger than 17, he faces statutory rape and sodomy charges, in addition to incest. All three are felonies...

    Police say the mother, now 17, admitted that DeMaranville was the father... Police say the teen has an IQ of 67 and might not "comprehend the severity of the situation."
    The baby has a life-threatening condition called hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis:


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    MO - Officials: Incest led to infant with 'blood cancer'

    So disturbing on soooo many levels.

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    There are reasons why incest is a taboo.

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    A Springfield man who impregnated a juvenile relative was sentenced to 11 years in prison last week.

    Steven DeMaranville, 36, pleaded guilty on Friday to statutory rape, statutory sodomy and incest — all felonies — in a case that police say left a baby with a blood disease.

    DeMaranville was sentenced to six years in prison for the statutory rape charge, six years for the sodomy charge and four years for the incest charges. Those charges will run concurrently. As part of his plea agreement, however, DeMaranville will also serve a 5-year sentence for a drug charge on top of the jail time related to impregnating a relative.

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    The poor baby. The disease literally means your own white blood cells eating the iron portion of your red blood cells with inflammation of histocytes and lymphocytes (other types of white blood cells.) Sounds painful and incurable. God bless the poor child.
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