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    WY - Sharon Reher, 20, raped & murdered, Laramie, 16 April 1972


    Laramie Police Department detectives arrested 61-year-old Lance David Bean for Murder in the First Degree of Sharon Reher. The body of Sharon Reher, a 20-year-old white female, was found in her apartment, located at 810 Kearney St. in Laramie, Wyoming.

    Reher had last been seen alive on April 16th, 1972 at 4:20 AM when she was dropped off outside of her apartment. Reherís throat had been severed and the scene was suggestive of a sexual assault.

    Laramie Police Commander Mitchell Cushman said the case against Bean resulted from testing, but he declined to say what kind.

    Laramie police announced in 2000 they were submitting evidence from Reher's slaying and another case to a private Maryland firm for DNA testing.

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    Wow-42 years later!
    Six-year-old Shannon Sherrill disappeared from her front yard in Thorntown, Indiana in October, 1986. Someone knows where she is......


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    Always happy to see justice being done, no matter how long it takes!

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    God bless the relatives of this gal... And the LE ... For continuing to find justice for her....

    glad they caught the POS...

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    The trial began today for a murder committed in Laramie more than 42 years ago... Bean faces three alternative charges of Murder in the First Degree...

    Peggy Trent, Albany County and Prosecuting Attorney, told the jury in her opening statement that several people will provide testimony as evidence of Beanís guilt... including at least one friend who was at a party hosted by Reher that took place shortly before the murder.

    Trent went on to say detectives who first investigated the murder will testify, indicating that Bean was a suspect of the murder during that initial investigation. In addition, Trent says a witness from the Wyoming Crime Lab will testify as to the presence of Beanís touch DNA on Reherís clothing.

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    In 1972, Bean told investigators he, along with several other people, attended a party at Reher’s residence. After drinking between six and nine beers at Reher’s residence, Bean, with the other party-goers, left around 2 a.m. to go to the Townsend Club, also known as Everybody’s Club.

    After leaving the club, Bean told investigators he drove a friend home in a friend’s car and drove back to the Skyline Theater, where he had left his own vehicle earlier in the night. After getting into his own car, Bean said he drove to the Salt Creek Docks area, where he was employed. Bean then told police he called his mother from his work place and drove home, which caught the attention of Valdez.

    “That seemed strange, that he drove westward and not straight home,” Valdez said... Valdez and investigators never confirmed Bean called his mother from Salt Creek.

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    WY - Sharon Reher, 20, Laramie, 16 April 1972

    It is pretty remarkable that they were able to bring someone to justice more than 40 years later.
    He was identified as a suspect early in investigation among others, but probably there wasn't enough evidence to prosecute.
    Would be interesting to know exactly what kind of forensic testing led to a breakthrough.
    Hopefully they got a right man and will be able to secure a conviction. Not an easy case to try, so much time has passed.

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    A jury Friday found Lance David Bean not guilty of first-degree murder and rape, but found him guilty of the attempted rape of Sharon Reher...

    Donnell ruled to reduce the bond to $10,000 cash as Bean awaits sentencing.

    “While (an attempted rape conviction) is no small thing,” Donnell said, “it is far different from murder.”

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