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    FL - Myla Presley, 21 mos, beaten to death, mom's BF charged, 7 May 2014


    Tampa police and U.S. Marshals have arrested a man for killing his girlfriend’s toddler by striking her upper body multiple times, according to detectives.

    According to police, 31-year-old Deandre Gilmore was babysitting his girlfriend's 1-and-a-half-year-old daughter, Myla Presley, on May 7 when he called 911, saying the child was unconscious...

    The toddler was transported to St. Joseph's Hospital where she later died. The medical examiner determined that she died from blunt force trauma.

    When Williams arrived home, Tampa police took her to their headquarters and told her what had happened. She went to St. Joseph’s Hospital to see her daughter, who had no sign of brain activity, Williams said. “I could look at her and tell there was nothing accidental about her condition,” Williams said. “It looked as if a monster attacked my daughter.”

    Williams had worked an 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. shift that day. Normally, a babysitter would take care of Myla, but plans shifted throughout the week and the babysitter wasn’t available. She turned to Gilmore, whom she had lived with Gilmore since January; he is not the father of any of her children.

    She said she has trouble shaking the guilt for bringing him into her life and her family’s lives. “I never saw any signs of abuse or any signs of neglect on his part even with his own kids,” Williams said. “I never saw anything. As a mother, it’s your job to protect your children and to see these things coming. And I didn’t see it. It makes you wonder and it makes you question your judgment as a mom.”

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    What a beautiful little doll! I hope that monster never sees the light of day again.

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    Still no trial date in sight.

    Case number 14-CF-006700-A


    Deandre Marquis Gilmore is still in jail, charged with 1St Degree murder and aggravated child abuse.

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    From last month:

    Deandre Gilmore gets 15 years for manslaughter in toddler's death

    Deandre Gilmore waited three years for his weeklong trial in the death of his ex-girlfriend's 19-month-old daughter, Myla Presley. But his sentencing hearing Monday morning lasted only three minutes, ending in a 15-year prison term.

    Gilmore, 34, was convicted Friday of manslaughter and felony battery. He can serve his 15-year manslaughter sentence and five-year felony battery sentence at the same time, Judge Samantha Ward said Monday. He will get credit for time served awaiting trial.
    Mother's testimony about toddler's death brings judge to tears

    In a Hillsborough County courtroom Tuesday morning, Williams scarcely glanced at Gilmore, who has spent three years in county jail on charges of first-degree murder and aggravated child abuse for the daughter's death.

    "When I went to her bedside, all I could see were bruises," Williams said, tears rolling down her cheek as she recounted her daughter's injuries. Circuit Judge Samantha Ward wiped away tears, too, at one point dismissing the jury and abruptly leaving the courtroom, warning prosecutors that asking Williams if she held her daughter was "not appropriate."

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    RIP Myla

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    Ridiculous sentence for what he did to that beautiful child.He should never be allowed out of prison.

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