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    Niger - Presidential candidate wanted on suspicion of baby trafficking

    The head of Niger's parliament, (who is the leading challenger in the run up to the presidential elections in two years' time,) is wanted for questioning on suspicion of large-scale baby trafficking. He's fled the country. The minister of agriculture was also arrested yesterday.

    'Niger's head of parliament, who faces questioning in a probe into international baby-trafficking, has turned up in Belgium, an opposition official said on Saturday, confirming a media report.'

    'Hama Amadou, who had already quietly left Niger for neighbouring Burkina Faso, "is now in Brussels", the official said, confirming the report by Radio France Internationale (RFI).'

    Amadou has immunity from arrest because of his political status, and Niger hasn't requested for that to be lifted yet. In June, one of Amadou's wives was among 17 people arrested in Niger on suspicion of baby-trafficking. Around 30 babies are thought to be involved.

    Babies change hands for thousands of dollars in the cross-countries trade, but the mothers are paid hundreds. In 2012, a fake 'orphanage' was discovered in Niger, where babies weren't just sold to childless couples, but also for use in black magic rituals. These involve enslavement of children or, even worse, killing the baby.


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    What the .........they have got more problems than Ebola Virus!!! How can they cope with a deadly incurable Ebola Virus when they are this disfunctional.
    It is difficult to say what I am thinking (without it getting modsnipped)LOL .... .......

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