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    OK Officer Down K-9 buried with full police honors

    "More than 1,000 people and dozens of service dogs attended the funeral service last week for Kye, a 3-year-old Belgian German Shepherd that was stabbed to death by the suspect.
    Kye’s partner since serving on the police department's K-9 unit, Sgt. Ryan Stark, shed tears and expressed a final farewell to the dog before his flag-draped coffin was buried and the canine was given out a 21-gun salute."

    Thank you Kye.

    Warning- the photos are heartbreaking.

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    So sad! Very touching photos at that link, thanks for sharing.
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    Heartbreaking photos indeed.

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    Looks like my Blade. Thank you Kye for your service.
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    Good for OK City! The rituals we perform do have meaning and burying a K9 dog as a full member of the force says everything that need be said about the place of police dogs in the force.

    I'm so sorry for Kye, but very impressed with the way his death was handled.

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