Azusa, CA, police have said that a reported abduction attempt of an 11-year-old boy Monday, did not happen.

'On September 1, 2014 at 9:02 pm, Azusa Police Officers responded to the report of an attempted kidnapping in the 300 block N. San Gabriel Ave. Officers did an initial investigation and notified the Detective Bureau. Detectives did follow up into the case, looking into all aspects of the incident during their investigation.

Through the investigation it was determined the incident did not take place as originally reported. Investigators are confident no attempted kidnapping occurred. Due to the age of the child involved and the sensitivity of the investigation no additional information may be released.'

I wanted to post this as the initial report was very worrying; it mentioned two suspects in a van, and one getting out and struggling with the child. The police response was just great though - they really got the news out there to the community very quickly, so parents could take precautions and anyone with info would call in. This was a false alarm (and I'm sure that little boy will never do anything like that again) but it's good to see a police dept. with such an effective plan of action and communications.