A mother is seeking justice for her daughter who was shot to death inside her home. It happened on Labor Day of 2012 at the Azalea Pointe Apartment Complex in Mobile.

Wynne Shamburger says she feels as if police have come to a dead end in trying to find her daughter's killer. Cynthia McCoy was 23 years old when a neighbor discovered her body inside her apartment. She had been beaten and shot in the head...

McCoy was a mother of two. Both children were inside the home during the murder, but were not physically harmed.
There was a POI back in 2012, but still no arrest:

While he’s only been named a person of interest in the murder of Cynthia McCoy and not a suspect, the victim’s mother revealed Deon Holmes may have had a phone conversation with her daughter that set him off.

“I don’t want to say why, but yeah, he may have found out something he didn’t like that was going on with Cynthia and came to settle the score,” McCoy’s mother Wynn Shamburger told Local 15 News.