An enraged golfer broke his club into a spear and threatened to stab his opponent in the eye and liver, after a game hit the rough in Florida.

A crowded course saw Michael Rich paired with three strangers for a Labor Day game at Madison Green Golf Club. They say he was immediately unfriendly, and when 72-year-old Tony Nazzaro made a joking remark at the 7th hole, Rich;

Furiously began digging up the green; slammed one player over the head with his putt, and another behind the knees; as the putt broke, used it as a spear and threatened to stab Nazzoro in the liver, then sliced the man's arm as he tried to call for help.

In all the time Ive been golfing, Ive never seen anything of this magnitude happen on a golf course, said Nazzaro.

Nazzaro told police he didn't want Rich prosecuted, he just wanted him to get help.