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    UK - Teen will not walk again after being bullied


    An autistic teenager who plummeted from a 50ft bridge onto rocks and broke his spine in four places has been told he will never walk again.

    Joshua Davies’ family believe he was running away from a gang in Pontypridd when he slipped and fell on to the rocky riverbed, breaking his arms, legs, feet and spine.
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    There was a post on another site about how he gave as much as he got which makes it a tad difficult to feel to bad for him...

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    what an incredibly awful story. Praying the victim heals...........

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    Tragic news: 18-year-old Asperger's sufferer Joshua Davies has been left paralysed after he fell off a bridge whilst running away from bullies
    Wednesday, Sep 3 2014 WRITTEN BY Olivia-Anne Cleary

    The bullies in question have reportedly been hassling Joshua Davies for the past five years. "Joshua and his friend were walking by the river, when they realised some boys were following them", revealed Joshua's stepfather, Michael Morgan.

    "They heard them shout 'there they are – let's get them!' and climbed on to the steel supports of the bridge to get away," explained Michael to WalesOnline. "One of the stones hit Joshua on the shoulder, then another hit him on his heel and he lost his grip and fell."

    Read more at ....

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