'A 33-year-old French man has been sent to prison after phoning and texting his ex-girlfriend 21,807 times, admitting that, with hindsight, "it was stupid".

The unnamed defendant, who had made the calls to demand the woman thank him for fixing up their flat (apartment), was given a 10-month sentence – six months of which was suspended – and a €1,000 (793) fine.' (about $2,000).

The man told a court in Lyon that he'd become depressed in 2011 when his girlfriend broke up with him, and obsessed that she had to either pay him back for work carried out on their apartment, or thank him. He made an average of 73 calls a day, and called her parents and employer when she stopped answering the phone.

'He said he wanted to return to school to train to be a legal assistant, and added that he had a "passion for writing".'


ETA: Whoops! I see I added 90 calls in the thread title. I always get the numbers wrong.