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    TX - Midland's "Grandmother of Heroin" faces charges

    West Texas: 'Grandmother of Heroin' arrested (San Antonio Express-News)

    DEA officials arrested a 79-year-old woman dubbed West Texas' "Grandmother of Heroin" and her 54-year-old son earlier this week with more than 21 ounces of smack.
    "These people were probably the biggest heroin traffickers in Midland County at this time," DEA agent Dante Sorianello said. "They'll probably be replaced, of course, but that amount of heroin equates to approximately 8,400 dosage units. Some addicts would take four to five a day, but when you get into the thousands you're talking a lot."

    The story plus a picture at link above.

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    I myself aspire to the title "Old Granddad Smack."

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    Quote Originally Posted by wfgodot View Post
    I myself aspire to the title "Old Granddad Smack."
    I think I'll have to settle for Grandmother of Snack.
    Every murderer is someone's old friend ... Agatha Christie

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    With some good forensic and detective work, they may be able to get these peeps for some type of murder. At the least though, I believe this duo will be spending the rest of their life behind bars.


    DEA Nabs "Midland's Grandmother of Heroin"

    5408b592879fe.image.jpg 5408b5b30c718.image.jpg

    Further investigation into the heroin trafficking in Midland County revealed that 79-year-old Lidia Alvarez and 54-year-old Domingo Alvarez were the primary traffickers in the area.

    Yesterday, Sept. 2, the DEA Task Force arrested Lidia and Domingo Alvarez for possession of 21 ounces of heroin worth over $150 thousand dollars.

    Both will be charged in federal court with conspiracy and possession with intent to distribute heroin.
    DEA Agent Dante Sorianello tells CBS 7 that they believe Alvarez was the main supplier of heroin in the Permian Basin. He also says there have been multiple heroin overdose deaths in Midland during 2014.

    read more ........... http://cbs7.com/multimedia/article_4...7a43b2370.html

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