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    NY - Officer Daryl Pierson, 32, fatally shot, Rochester, 3 Sept 2014


    A Rochester police officer was killed during a shootout with a suspect, becoming the first member of the city's police force to die in the line of duty since 1959, officials said Thursday. Police Chief Michael Ciminelli identified the officer as Daryl Pierson, an eight-year veteran of the force. He is survived by his wife and two young children.

    Pierson was shot just before 9:30 p.m. Wednesday, September 3, while pursuing a suspect, Ciminelli said. The suspect was wounded in the gunfight with Pierson's partner, Michael Dipaola, who apprehended him, Ciminelli said. A bystander was also wounded.

    Pierson, a 32-year-old Army National Guard veteran who served in Afghanistan, died at a hospital.

    A Monroe County grand jury has voted to indict Thomas Johnson III on at least one felony charge in connection with the shooting death of Rochester police officer Daryl Pierson, District Attorney Sandra Doorley said Tuesday outside City Court.

    A grand jury will continue to hear testimony this week from witnesses to the fatal encounter Wednesday night, said Doorley, who said she expects the grand jury to rise with an indictment on the case later this week...

    On his second day back on the job following an injury that kept him home for eight months, Pierson was chasing Johnson on Hudson Avenue when it's alleged that Johnson turned on the officer and fired a single shot from a handgun.

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    Over 7000 LE from around the country showed up today for Officer Pierson's State funeral. Truly breathtaking. Mounted Canadians as well. 21 gun salute, flyovers. A truly wonderful Gentleman.

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    The man accused of fatally shooting Rochester police officer Daryl Pierson in September was in court Tuesday. Thomas Johnson's attorney filed several motions with the court asking for some evidence to be withheld, a reduction in charges, a change of venue, and that the judge recuse herself from this case...

    The aggravated murder charge alone carries a mandatory sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole. Johnson's trial is scheduled to begin April 20.

    He remains in jail without bail.

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    State Supreme Court Justice Thomas Moran Friday partly agreed to a defense request to restrict police officers from wearing uniforms at the trial of Thomas Johnson III...

    Moran on Friday agreed to a limit of 10 uniformed officers in the courtroom at a time, and a prohibition on more than three sitting together.

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    There was a big sigh of relief and many tears and hugs shared between Pierson’s supporters after the verdict was read: Guilty of aggravated murder of a police officer. The conviction carries a mandatory sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole.

    Johnson will be sentenced July 16th.

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    From July:


    Pierson was “a man who dedicated himself to protecting the lives and freedom of others,” the judge said.

    “There is no question his life mattered much, much more,” said Moran, who sentenced Johnson to life without parole for murdering Pierson and an additional 55 years to life for other crimes, including the attempted murder of a police officer and an assault.

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