Carl Wills was just 22-years-old when he was killed on September 1, 2011, and his body dumped off Plantation Ranch Road in Liberty County...

The Wills murder is an open case for the Liberty County Sheriff's Office. The details have taken the lead investigator across seven counties gathering information and facts but no arrests have been made yet. "The people that I believe are responsible for his death, his murder actually know him," Davila said. "And like I said, those are part of the people we have as persons of interest."

Investigators believe that Carl Wills was killed somewhere between Polk and San Jacinto counties, and his body dumped under the bridge. They have never been able to find the location where he was killed, but believe they know who is responsible. They just need help connecting the dots.

n August 2011, Carl was arrested for traffic tickets and spent nearly the whole month in jail, said his mother.

“When he got home from jail, he slept all that day. He was clutching his Bible. He looked troubled. I asked him what was wrong and he said, ‘Nothing, Mama, that I want to talk about,’” said Rhonda.

The look on her son’s face still haunts her. “I don’t know what was going on. I tried to talk to my son when he got out of jail. I told him, ‘Carl, baby, go ahead and get out of Livingston. There is nothing for you here,’” said Rhonda. “He just had a sad look on his face when I told him that.”