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    VA - Carolyn Cross, 64, murdered, Alexandria, 7 Sept 2014 *Insanity*


    The Alexandria Police Department has charged Dawit Seyoum, 29, for murdering a high-ranking D.C. corrections official.

    Carolyn Cross, 64, was found dead at her apartment complex Sunday morning. She was the deputy director of operations for the Department of Corrections...

    Alexandria Police spokeswoman Ashley Hildebrandt said Monday that investigators do not believe Cross’ slaying was related to her work as a corrections official, or that Seyoum and Cross knew each other.

    Sunday’s murder of a high-ranking D.C. corrections official at an Alexandria apartment has police looking to see if there is any connection to a murder just over a mile away two months ago.

    Similar causes of death, ties to the Ethiopian community, and at apartments just over a mile apart... are reasons some people question a link to 64-year-old Carolyn Cross’ death on Kenmore Avenue and the 43-year-old Asabech Abayneh’s death on Derby Court in July...

    Nosal warns against drawing conclusions too soon. “We’d be looking into evidence and seeing if there’s any connection,” Nosal says. “Since the suspect was charged with homicide we could also look at DNA. Detectives are going to be doing their normal investigation. Now they just have another focus.”

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    Dawit Seyoum was formally indicted Monday for the murder of D.C. Deputy Director Carolyn Cross, who was killed earlier this year...

    At that hearing, three police officers testified that Seyoum called 911 the afternoon Cross was murdered and said he had attempted suicide, and that he confessed to her kill because he was angry at the world.

    When the officers arrived at his apartment, Seyoum was on the floor in the fetal position wearing just underwear. The words “I was the dirty one” were scrawled in blood on the wall of his shower and there were cuts on his arms.

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    From December 3:


    Dawit Seyoum, who murdered D.C. corrections official Carolyn Cross in an Alexandria apartment building was found not guilty by reason of insanity after two inconclusive jury trials...

    Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney Cathryn F. Evans and Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Andrew S. Criado, who prosecuted the case, agreed to the plea after a total of 10 days deliberation by the juries.

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