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    Grandmaster Flash accidentally trolled by doting Grandmas

    Music maestro Grandmaster Flash is being 'trolled' on Facebook - by innocent grandmas. They don't mean to, of course, but when they start writing Grandm- at the end of their posts, Facebook is kindly filling in the rest for them automatically, as the name of the Hip-Hop Icon. If they don't notice, it's linked (tagged) to Grandmaster Flash's official Facebook page.

    It's resulted in a rash of sweet messages like these appearing:

    ' "Hi Don, have you missed your neck pillow yet? I found it in the bed you slept in at my house in July. Let me know if I need to mail it to you. Love you, Grandmaster Flash." She sent the pillow via P.O. Box.

    "I have a letter to send you from your dad so give me your address please. And don't use those offensive words. Grandmaster Flash," said another on August 9. '

    The real Grandmaster Flash is taking it in good part though:

    'On Sept. 11, Flash wrote on his Facebook page, "It's true I get a lot of posts from Grandmas. Hilarious now I know why --- Respect Grandma and Grandpa. P.S. This is Hip Hop!" '


    Picture link, also with lots of the grandmas' adorable posts there: http://www.buzzfeed.com/lukebailey/t...cebook#3n3id3s
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    I love this story!

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    I love this story too!!!

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    Always great to start a rainy and cold Monday with a chuckle! Thank you, Grandmaster Flash...(who would have thought I'd ever type those words??)

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    This is hilarious and adorable at the same time, I'm rolling!
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