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    OK - Rape, kidnapping charges filed against state trooper

    Eric Roberts was arrested by troopers at his residence and taken to the Creek County jail Monday, the news release states.

    Investigators said they have finished their investigation and found enough evidence to pursue criminal charges.

    Roberts, a 16-year veteran of the OHP, is accused of raping two women during traffic stops in July.
    the rest here:

    Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper arrested on sexual assault, kidnapping complaints (Daily Oklahoman)

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    Yes, I've been watching this on the news all day. And we also have the OKC cop, Holtzclaw, who was caught sexually victimizing women in one of the most destitute areas of the city. There's a thread on him around here somewhere.

    I feel crushed, horrified, sick. I hate this. Really, really hate it.

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    Being from Oklahoma myself, I really hate it, too! Thanks for posting!

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    A preliminary hearing has been scheduled April 22 in Creek County for a former Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper facing allegations he assaulted or behaved inappropriately toward three women during traffic stops.

    42-year-old Eric Roberts has pleaded not guilty to 10 felonies and four misdemeanors ranging from second-degree rape and sexual battery to charges alleging that requests he made during the traffic stops amounted to a request for a bribe.

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    Former Oklahoma state trooper sentenced to 8 years in prison


    A former Oklahoma state trooper accused of sexually assaulting women during traffic stops was sentenced Tuesday to more than eight years in prison after pleading guilty to lesser charges.

    Eric Roberts pleaded guilty to several charges, including procuring indecent exposure with an adult, embezzlement and bribery.

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