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    CA - Diego Galindo, 43, beaten to death in San Mateo Co. gym, 17 Sept 2014


    South San Francisco Sgt. Tom Neary told NBC Bay Area that Kenneth Osako picked up a steel bar, similar to one from a lat pull-down machine, and struck the other gym member with a fatal blow at about 9:30 p.m. Wednesday night. The San Mateo County Coroner identified the gym member as Diego Galindo, 43, of San Bruno.

    Galindo was taken to San Francisco General Hospital, where he died on Thursday from his injuries, police said. Also on Thursday, a team of officers arrested Osako at a plumbing job site in San Francisco on Kansas Street, after he agreed to surrender...

    Neary said investigators were interviewing people to figure out a motive and whether Osako and Galindo knew each other. There were several witnesses in the gym who saw parts of the attack, police said.

    A donation box for the funeral of 43-year-old Diego Galindo sits on the counter of the South San Francisco butcher shop where he worked. "It's just really hard to imagine him not here," said Carniceria Tepa worker Marta Sanchez. "Everybody is devastated"...

    On Friday, Kealani Osako, one of suspect's five daughters, apologized to the Galindo family on behalf of her father... She told KTVU her father was set to take her to college in just a few days and said he suffers bipolar disorder, severe depression and anger issues, including blackouts. "Especially in the gym, that's the worst time to get my dad angry, because when he's in the gym, he takes it very seriously. Totally zones out," said Osako.

    Police said they are still interviewing witnesses to determine a possible motive, but Kealani Osako said her father and Diego Galindo had argued over a woman. "The man was trying to get my father's girlfriend to leave with him and that didn't go well with my father, obviously."

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    I feel sorry for the daughters. It sounds like she knew her dads temper. His girl friend probably was scared of his temper to. I bet they only give him 10 yrs for in the heat of the moment manslaughter. So sad.
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    A man has been ordered to stand trial on charges that he bludgeoned a fellow South San Francisco gym member to death with a metal bar two days after the victim apparently joked that he wanted to give the suspectís girlfriend a motorcycle ride...

    After a preliminary hearing, Judge Lisa Novak said there was enough evidence for Osako to be tried on the charges along with an additional count of misdemeanor possession of methamphetamine, prosecutors said. Osako remains jailed without bail.

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    A court sentenced a Northern California man to 17 years to life in prison on Monday for beating a fellow gym patron to death with a weightlifting bar.

    Kenneth Osako, 46, pleaded guilty earlier this year to second-degree murder in a plea deal with prosecutors. Osako said at the time that uncontrolled rage caused by steroid use was to blame for the September 2014 attack.

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    I knew it was gonna be steroids.

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