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    NC - Eric 'Jason' Dunn, 43, Sneads Ferry, 11 August 2014


    Eric Jason Dunn's wife has not heard from her husband since about 12:05 a.m. on Aug. 11.

    Dunn is described as a 43-year-old white male, about 5'10", weighs about 150-160 lbs and has light brown hair and hazel colored eyes.
    Did some research on this case; Jason's family strongly suspects foul play and have a suspect in mind. Complaining that they are getting little to no help from local LE, very upset that it took this long to get anything in MSM about him.

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    I'm local to the area and have heard nothing of this mans disappearance until now.

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    According to the Help Find Eric Jason Dunn Facebook page, listed on his missing poster, it says he has a brain injury that requires medication.


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    So law enforcement has not searched for him at all?
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    Family says LE are using mugshot photos after public intoxication arrests for his missing person photos. Ugh.

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    According to this page his car was found abandoned in Sneads Ferry..


    There is also this page for him

    The page above said the car was found in a parking lot a few hundred feet from the friends house he went to go visit.

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    His wife posted a status on Aug 9th that he is still missing! Over a year that he is missing and still no resolution? Wth?!

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    Quote Originally Posted by OkieGranny View Post


    Did some research on this case; Jason's family strongly suspects foul play and have a suspect in mind. Complaining that they are getting little to no help from local LE, very upset that it took this long to get anything in MSM about him.
    Did you talk to the family? I don't see that kind of info on their Facebook page or group?

    There is also a public Facebook group. His daughter replies to posts there but there have not been any updates in months.

    Sneads Ferry is an unincorporated area in southern Onslow county. It is one of the two access points to Topsail Island and lays south of Camp Lejeune and MCAS New River. Because they do not have their own police force or their own government, they are at the mercy of the county. They kind of get stepped on and forgotten about. It is a small town that used to a be a lot of locals-only "you're not from around here, are you?" types. Many military families and retirees have moved in over the last 20 years. The population increases in the summertime as people visiting Topsail pass through Sneads Ferry and stop for gas and groceries. There has been a lot of development but there are still a lot of undeveloped tracts of land, wide swathes of privately owned woods and scrub brush. It sits between a brackish water inlet with a very dangerous under current and Topsail Island on the intracoastal waterway. It is home to plenty of alligators and sharks. And sadly, plenty of alcoholics and drug abusers. They have been pulling themselves up by their bootstraps over the last few years - clearing out the bars that allowed prostitution and drug dealing, etc. But there are still plenty of places for something to go sideways, someone to get lost.

    If Mr Dunn has/had a TBI, he could have fallen prey to someone, he could have wandered in to an unsafe (geologically unsafe area). He could have drowned and been pulled out by the tide. There is little no public transportation in the area. To get anywhere outside of the area, he would have to walk a few miles up to to the highway (NC-17) and go a few miles just to get to the next populated area, or go over the bridge to Camp Lejeune (which is a closed base), go backroads through Holly Ridge to Hampstead (but still eventually need to get out to 17) or leave town via the water. Otherwise...he would still be in Sneads Ferry.

    I hate to say this but without knowing anything more than the tiny bit of information his wife and and daughter (?step-daughter?) have shared, there is not much to go on. They seem to say from their posts to their FB group that LE has forsaken them. I don't have a high opinion of Onslow County SD myself. They often seem to wash their hands of the difficult cases or cases of people they don't deem worthy of looking for or helping - especially people that appear to have contributed to their own predicaments (not saying that Mr Dunn did in any way!) But an outsider to the case, such as myself, just interested in helping, isn't getting much info from the family either.

    What were the circumstances of his last days with his family? What did he have with him? What did he leave behind? What where his plans later that day, the next day, the next week? Did anything happen to him before he disappeared? Did he change in any way or have changes occur around him? If they suspect foul play and LE is not helping, what else can they do?

    So many unanswered questions. It does seem though, from the family's pages and group, that he was well loved and is missed greatly.

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