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    Woman breaks into car to save child

    GOD Bless her!! I am sure this has already been posted somewhere here but I didn't see it. Please delete if this is a duplicate. Why can't more people be like this woman?


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    What an idiot, said he forgot the child his child was in the car.

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    heck yeah it's worth the risk of being arrested

    she's a hero and I hope the father who 'forgot' about his child thanks her profusely

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    The neglectful father has got a lot of explaining to do, the baby has been taken by Child Protection. The father took another child into the store with him and left the baby in the car. It doesn't sound much like "forgot the baby was in the car" when he took the older child with him. He has got a lot of explaining to do. I think the baby's mother might give him a much worse "please explain" than LE.

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