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    Almost 50 years on, reputed Whitman rifle up for sale

    Rifle reported to be used in Charles Whitman killing spree up for sale (Houston Chronicle)

    A rifle reportedly used to carry out one of the worst killing sprees in Texas history is up for sale in Dallas by a gun collector.

    The Remington 700 rifle used by ex-Marine Charles Whitman during his August 1, 1966 reign of terror from the observation deck at the University of Texas in Austin is up on Dallas’ Texas Gun Trader website with a starting price tag of $25,000.
    Andy Kahan, Victim's Advocate for the City of Houston, knows that the mention of the sale will dredge up awful memories for some who were there in Austin that day or have loved ones that were affected by the shootings, even almost 50 years on.

    “The value of the weapons is enhanced because of its past, but I wonder why a weapon like this is not in a museum,” Kahan asked.
    the rest, w/pictures & video, at link above

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    By Kinky Friedman.

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