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    In emergency, Portland police turn hand to pizza delivery

    Two thoughtful police officers turned pizza deliverers after a driver was injured in a crash. The Pizza Hut delivery man was taken to hospital with neck and back injuries, so the Portland Police Bureau offered to finish his delivery for him.

    'Steve Huckins says he and his wife were a little worried when Officers Michael Filbert and Royce Curtiss showed up at the door Sept. 1, but when they heard the whole story, they broke out laughing.'

    The couple, it seems, had already contacted Pizza Hut about their order, so Pizza Hut had delivered another one. Now, with the police officers turning up, they had two Hawaiian Pies.

    What amazes me - they kept them both! Didn't offer to let the police officers keep the extra one!

    The delivery driver's reported to be recovering.

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