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    WI - Marie, 70, & Theodore Jost, 44, Portage County, 1982



    I honestly don't know what to think about this case. I think it's obvious that Marie was either killed by her children or died naturally and they disposed of her in order to continue getting her SS checks, but where is Theodore?

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    In my career, I have been involved in the investigation of many similar situations. This kind of "Social Benefit Fraud is far more common in rural areas. In cities, people are constantly leaving a "magnetic" record and all kinds of red flags go up if something is seriously amiss.

    "Off the grid" it is hard to prove what is really going and their more urbanized neighbors are disinclined to believe they are capable of fraud. I was involved in the investigation of a family based fraud ring that used photoshopped documents to commit a six figure fraud. They showed up in court dressed like the Beverly Hillbillies pretending to be ignorant, illiterate hicks. The jury either bought it or they just liked the idea of rustic folks outsmarting big city lawyers.

    It's a good bet Marie and Ted are buried where they will never be found. Let's hope they died natural deaths.

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    The incriminating comments made by Theodore's idiot brother about having murdered them sure don't sway my opinion that they were murdered.

    Even if they weren't, it's pretty doubtful that Marie at least would still be alive. If she were, she'd be 104-105, and she looked about that age in that picture where she was 70-71.

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    I think it's nearly impossible to say Marie is alive, I agree with that, but as for Ted I don't really know. Not being seen or heard from leads me to think death but as someone that lives around low populated areas it isn't abnormal for people to just fall off the grid. I think the Disher's with the addition of Charles were all acquitted under fairly rational reasons (perhaps not Ronald but I digress) however I think more needed to be done in the search of the area and property- seeing as Charles had almost 15 tons of trash and I can assume that the bodies were in that mess.

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