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    Fred Coffey, New Parole Date July 2015

    PAROLE HAS BEEN DENIED to convicted child killer, Fred Howard Coffey Jr.

    He won't be moving into the house next door any time soon.

    The following is from Amanda Ray's mother:


    Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts to those of you who took the time to send a letter to the parole board on Amanda's behalf.

    Fred H. Coffey will remain behind bars for another three years. He will come up for possible parole again in July 2015.

    I spoke with his case analyst and she assured me that she read every letter that was sent in (received over 100) and that they were each taken into consideration when making the decision.

    We will need your help again in 2015 and our goal is to get MANY more than 100 letters sent... Let's send THOUSANDS!!With deepest gratitude,

    Jennifer Ray

    A parole review date is set for July 21, 2015


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    A little more info:

    Our family would appreciate your taking the time to write the Parole Board on Amanda's behalf:
    Below is the address. Please be sure and indicate Fred Howard Coffey, Jr. DOC #0081135. The address is:

    NC Post Release Supervision & Parole Commission
    2020 Yonkers Road 4222 MSC
    Raleigh, NC 27699-4222
    RE: Fred Howard Coffey, DOC# 0081135

    If you go to the website linked in the post about, near the bottom of the page you will find an option for printing out a sample letter to send to the parole board.

    Letters should be sent before July 21, 2015.

    Thanks Everybody!


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    Fred Howard Coffey, Jr. will be up for parole again very soon.

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    Fred Howard Coffey Jr. is again up for Parole. His case will be considered on 1 May 2015.

    Coffey has been discussed on Websleuths as a potential suspect in the Lyon Case and others. He was convicted of kidnapping and murdering Amanda Ray(10), and is the only suspect in the murders of Travis Shane King (age 8) and Neely Smith (5).

    He has been denied parole on every occasion over the past 20 years (since 1995).

    Coffey just turned 70 years old on 20 March.

    Since his last hearing in 2012, Coffey has had only one infraction - For a "sexual act".

    Anyone who wishes can write a letter to the North Carolina Parol Board with their recommendations for or against him receiving parole.

    Send your correspondence regarding Fred Howard Coffey, Jr., DOC# 0081135

    NC Post Release Supervision & Parole Commission
    P.O. Box 29540
    Raleigh, NC 27626-0540

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    A Parole Board hearing is scheduled for 1 May 2015 which will consider whether or not to parole Fred Howard Coffey, Jr. Anyone can contact the board before it meets with their recommendations and thoughts.

    Here is the most recent address to send your recommendations concerning Parole for Fred Howard Coffey, Jr. DOC# 0081135

    Beth S. Creech, Administrative Assistant
    Victim Advocate/HR Professional
    NC Post Release Supervision & Parole Commission
    2020 Yonkers Road, 4222 MSC
    Raleigh, NC 27699-4222
    919-324-1175 ~ Office <--NEW NUMBER
    919-324-6255 ~ Fax <--NEW NUMBER

    For more information, see the Websleuths Cold Case linked below for Neely Smith, age 5, murdered 1981, - Suspect: Fred Howard Coffey Jr.



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